– Masters of the Universe –

That’s us you know. We are the masters of the universe aren’t we? I mean, if we are the only inhabitants of the vast universe out there, we must be the masters of it, right? That’s what theologians want us to believe, isn’t it?

How arrogant of us to even consider such nonsense. How could we be masters of anything past our own atmosphere? We are virtual prisoners on our own planet. There are around six billion of us worldwide and the majority have never been on an airplane let alone gone into space.

The few that have been into space haven’t gotten beyond our own moon. It will be another hundred or so years before any human will venture outside our own solar system if then. Some masters of the universe we are.

There are millions of galaxies. Billions of stars. Multi-billions of planets and yet we are supposed to believe we are alone in this vast, unexplored universe? That God created all of this just for us to look at and admire from afar. Hog wash.

We are one of but billions of such planets in millions of galaxies rotating around billions of stars and some, like Earth, are populated with beings that may or may not be like us. We are a carbon based life form. What if there are life forms based on some other element? Beings that thrive on gases that we would find poisonous? An atmosphere that we would find unbearable but, to them, it’s comfortable and they are right at home there. What makes us so important that God would give us a vast universe to live in and not let us explore it? He already knows we are a curious sort. Just ask Him about Eve and that damn apple.

No, I don’t care what you say, you can’t justify us being here all alone. It makes no rational sense to even consider it. God could have given us just the Milky Way galaxy and we would have been fine with that. He didn’t need to create millions and millions more. But, what if he needed to create more because he created more beings to inhabit them. He spaced them out far enough where we couldn’t interfere with their development and they couldn’t interfere with ours. Starting to make a little sense here?

Maybe each galaxy has an Earth like planet with beings in different stages of development. Like little petri dishes scattered hither, tighter and yon. God looking after his cultures in their different stages of growth. The grand experiment called life.

Of course, those experiments that don’t do well will ultimately be discarded. Only the ones that flourish will be allowed to survive. How do you think we are doing in that mix? Have we learned more than our ancestors or are we mired in wet cement? Have we refused to learn from science and are we still prisoners of out-of-date thinking?

God placed a great deal faith in us and, for the most part, I think we did pretty well. We have, however, fallen short when it comes to the bible. That neat little book we can tuck under one arm and carry where we wish. Or, like in the service, we had a small version we could carry in our fatigue shirt pocket. These were and are convenient but even the bigger ones are incomplete. If God were to have given us the whole story of how He created the universe and how He created man, the Earth and all that inhabits it, well guess what, it would take a library to hold all the volumes necessary to explain it all and that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

So, what did He do?  He condensed it. He gave us the Readers Digest version. He shortened it and made it simple for our fore-fathers to understand and knowing that eventually we, as a society, would become more wise to the sciences He figured we would be able to fill in the blanks by ourselves.

Now, earlier I asked you whether you thought we were doing okay or not. Whether we were an experiment worth keeping or would He deem us a failure and discard us. Like the culture in a petri dish, if it fails to grow, why keep it?

He has given us the tools to learn and grow. He expects us to figure things out on our own. To see and try to explain the complexities of life. What He gave us in the bible was a starting point not the end. He must be shaking His head at those who refuse to see the light. Who block their eyes from the truth and refuse to listen to logic.

It is impossible to explain anything by saying, “You just have to take it on faith.” That’s the easy way out. That’s like saying, “God gave us a brain not to think with but to agree with the guy on the pulpit on Sunday.”

To each his own but I can’t help but believe that God has to be a little disappointed in His flock if they don’t question some things and turn themselves into a very large group of bobble-heads.

That’s My opinion and you are welcome to it.

Have a nice day!


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