I’m not referring to a toothache or a sore spot. I’m referring to feelings. Mine, in particular. I find I notice them a lot more since I’ve gotten older.

I used to say, “Oh no big deal. I’ve got broad shoulders. I can take it.” Well, I still have broad shoulders and a round belly to go with them but I seem to bruise easier than before. They aren’t bruises that you can see unless you’re looking for them. They lay just under the skin and the only mark they leave are superficial at best. The psychological mark they leave is something different altogether.

I know my daughters, and everyone else who cares to read this, are now going to know how truly thin skinned I have become but, maybe that’s not so bad after-all. I am very confident in my masculinity so that is not a problem and I am into my sixties now so I have earned the right to express my feeling if I want to. And, I want to.

My daughters and I have had not the best of relationships for the past many years and this is mostly, if not all, due to me and my absenteeism. As a father, I have failed miserably but as daughters, my girls have exceeded all expectations. I thank God every day (I know they don’t think so, but I do.) for them and their unconditional love. This is something I have barely earned, do not at all deserve but they most graciously give.

It is for this reason that I feel bad yet compelled to write this. It’s partly tongue-in-cheek and partly serious so, here goes.

It was Christmas 2007 and we all were sitting around my oldest daughter and her boyfriends place (now husband) trying to decide what kind of computer dear ole dad needed so we could all keep in closer touch with each other, send pictures and stuff. You know, all that stuff you used to have to do via snail-mail.

Well, dear ole dad got his computer and things went well for a while. Then, something happened. Dad would e-mail and wait and wait and wait for replies. It was sometimes hours, then days, then weeks and then, ….. not at all.

It seems texting entered the picture and I don’t do that. What is a boy to do?? I ask you. I’m technically challenged. It’s taken me this long to get just relatively comfortable with my now two year old computer and I’m still challenged by that on a daily basis.

I know we can’t go back in time but can’t we just agree to stay on one medium for a while longer? Like e-mail, computer style. And, with that thought in mind, can we answer just a bit quicker. It doesn’t have to be long winded like mine but I like to know if you read what I sent.

This is MY personal opinion and you are all welcome to it.

Have a great day!


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