I have been thinking about Christmas for well over a week now. Okay, maybe longer than that and I’ll be darned if I can think of anything truly uplifting to say about it. All the uplifting things have been said at infinitum and most of them are about Saint Nick, the Christmas tree or all the presents under said tree.

Let’s see, what else have we. We have the stockings hung with care, the milk and cookies for Santa, pre-assembling the toys for Christmas morning (So simple a child can do it! They say.), out-doing the neighbors decorations (Who can waste the most electricity over the holidays? And the winner is……) and, oh yes, those presents. How many and how much? Some Christmas trees I’ve seen look more like a window display at Macy’s not someones front room.

People, I think we’ve lost our focus here just a bit. I think it’s time to remember just what it is we are supposed to be celebrating and it is not how much we can bolster the economy over the holidays while sending our own personal economic situation right down the toilet.

If we thought a little more about the kid in the manger and a little less about the guy in the red suit and his flighty reindeer maybe good things would start to happen. If we thought more about giving to others and a little less about giving to ourselves a new kind of Christmas joy may creep into our hearts. If we thought about all the blessings we have right now and be happy with those and, yes, maybe a little less, perhaps the less fortunate would end up with that which they truly need.

I am not a wealthy person and never have been. I am not as generous as I am trying to sound now either. I am as guilty as anyone but I am willing to change. I know we have to change our way of thinking and the way we do things in order to effect change for the good.

We like to call ourselves a nation of givers. People who care for the world in general. A people who lend a helping hand to others even before we help our own and, there in lies a flaw. If there is not a national disaster we aren’t too concerned with the general welfare of our own less fortunate who are needing for the basic necessities day in and day out. We have to put aside our prejudices, forget peoples lack of education, forget the fact that they are unable or incapable of supporting their families and just help.

Like it or not, we are all Americans. We all live under the same flag, in the same country. Regardless whether they live next door to you (And who knows what their neighbors are really going through until it’s too late.) or in a hovel in the hills of Appalachia, we need to set aside that which we think now and reach out and help all of our neighbors near and far.

Thank God for your blessings. Think of the Christ child on Christmas day. Do something nice for a stranger and do it with a smile not only on your face but in your heart as well. I think you’ll like the feeling.

Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

We will talk again next year.

Ed B.


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