– Stupid Is As Stupid Does –

I was just thinking about the intelligent people I know and the really dumb things they are capable of. This brought about a question in my wandering mind.

What makes an intelligent person smart? And, is there a difference?

The simple answer is…….. Uh yeah, there’s a difference!!

I guess you might say that I am as capable as anyone at working a crossword puzzle. I’m smart enough not to try and do the New York Times crossword after Wednesday. They get harder as the week progresses. Knowing a lot of answers to a crossword doesn’t make me smart but, knowing my limitations and when to stop, that’s another story.

Remember the, now, famous line from one of the Dirty Harry movies? Clint Eastwood looked at someone he had been pursuing and said, “A man (or woman) has got to know their limitations.” Good words to live by.

I’ve known doctors, lawyers and successful business owners who can run circles around their competitors and colleagues as well. They have degrees up the ying-yang and still they will throw their money into video poker machines until the cows come home. Hundreds and, on occasions, thousands will disappear into the slot. They call it recreation. I call it poor judgment. Yes, they are intelligent when it comes to their chosen profession but not smart enough to recognize they may have a problem and know when to stop.

This could hold true with any type of addiction be it gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, you name it. Smart people know when enough is enough and when to seek help. Intelligent people might try to explain it away or make other excuses for out-of-control behavior.

The fact remains that just because you know a lot of stuff about a lot of different things doesn’t make you smart. How you apply all that stuff you know into your everyday life is what will determine how smart you are. Just knowing stuff isn’t enough. You have to know how to use it.

That’s MY opinion and you are sure welcome to it.

Have a nice day!


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