Delights and Delicacies of Thanksgiving


The thought of all that food on one table or maybe two just makes my mouth water. I can’t think of any time of the year when food is more important than on the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s the main topic of conversation among cooks and cooks to be for at least a month before the event. The comparing notes and recipes, table decorations and hors d’oeuvre, wines and drinks of all kinds. Tongues wagging and watering all at one time.

The after dinner is just as important as the dinner itself so desserts are an important topic as well. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream is always a favorite. Mincemeat pie is an acquired taste sort of thing but just as much a part of the Thanksgiving tradition as anything else on the table. Apple cinnamon pie or cherry pie ala mode, who can resist those two?

The dinner and it’s presentation are what cooks across this great land strive for. Is the turkey just right and is the stuffing moist enough. No lumps in the gravy for goodness sake and don’t forget both kinds of potatoes, mashed and sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows. And, if you were at our house, there would be the potato casserole with sour cream and white American cheese topped with corn flakes and butter and baked to a golden brown. Oh my!

Of course there’s a salad or two or three, garnish trays and cranberry sauce. If I have forgotten anything hopefully your host or hostess will have remembered or maybe you will bring it with you as an added surprise. I’m bringing cranberry salad as my offering.

The one thing I miss about not fixing my Thanksgiving at home, other than the fact that my kids are all grown, gone and out-of-state, is the smell of celery and onion sauteing in the pan in preparation for the stuffing. Nothing says Thanksgiving and home like the aroma of those two vegetables cooking on the stove.

Well my friends, have yourselves a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe holiday. Eat to your heart’s content and worry about that figure later. Remember, you have to do it all over again at Christmas. Until we meet again, don’t forget the biscuits and real butter just this once. Cheers to one and all.

Ed B.


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