– Remember That Song? –

Well, do ya? You know the one I mean? It always made us feel good when we were sad. It could make a regular night into something really special. When we danced to it with the right person well, we didn’t want the music to stop. When we were driving down the street it made everything a little brighter.

Do you remember the song that you and that special someone called ‘our’ song. It was the one that took you back to the beginning. Our beginning. The time of our first embrace, our first kiss and our first good-bye.

Remember the song I’m referring to? Even though my song may be different from yours, I remember it well and I’m sure you do too. After all, it was ‘our’ song.

Just a special thought for two really special people, you and me, though we’ve never met.

Have a really nice day!


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