– Have You Ever Heard? –

Have you ever heard someone say? ………..

“I’ve got a good mind to ……..  followed by … knock him on his keester or punch him in his nose or something like that?

Is that really displaying a good mind?

How about – “I hope you don’t mind but ………. ” Normally followed by something you really can’t help but minding.

Or then there’s ……. “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.”

Not really thinking about the fact that there are precious few pieces left in the first place.

Old sayings and colloquialisms are thrown about hap hazardously. Today, many of them aren’t even understood by anyone under the age of, let’s say, fifty-five. So, getting a blank stare from a teenager or young adult shouldn’t really surprise us at all. Yet, it does.

“What planet are you from?” we’ll ask. “Didn’t you ever listen to your parents and grand-parents growing up?”

Well, they did and they had that same blank stare then as well. Nobody bothered to notice it and explain the meaning to them. Consequently, the blank stare remains for all time.

Old sayings and the like are one thing but general knowledge on small things is quite another. When I refer to small things I mean facts about our country that the youth of today take for granted and, we let them. We expect more from an alien taking a citizenship exam than we do from our high school graduates. If given the very same exam most, if not all, would fail miserably and I find that embarrassing and inexcusable. Who do we blame?  Not just the school system and their curriculum alone but the parents for not taking an active interest in their child’s/children’s complete education.

It is a fact, not well known but a fact never-the-less, that the children riding west on the old wagon trains had a higher literacy rate than the children of today. They were riding on covered wagons on the open prairie and mountain passes being taught by whoevers turn it was that day to provide the schoolin’. The kids would listen to stories around the campfires and read any and every book available within the wagon train itself and, be damn glad to have them.

That’s where a real well rounded education started. At least that is my belief. They learned a little about a lot. From farmers, farming. From journalists, journalism. From seamstresses, sewing. From lawyers, the law. From doctors, medicine and so it went. Whoever was on the wagon train passed along their particular specialty as part of the everyday curriculum.

In this day in age, we don’t have the time or the inclination to pass those things on. The days of bring your parents in for show and tell have fallen by the wayside. The days when we would tell our kids about their heritage and their countries honor and struggles through the time of it’s birth as a nation have gone as well.

I saw on one of Jay Leno’s Jaywalking episodes when he asked a young woman, pointing to the American flag blowing in the breeze, how many stars on that flag up there. She answered by saying, “It’s moving too fast to count them.”

It’s not just sayings they don’t understand. It’s so much more that they have never been taught or think is not worth remembering. This is their country and, I’m afraid for it and them. They are taking too much for granted and have forgotten that they may be called upon to defend it themselves someday like their brothers and sisters in arms are doing as we speak.

Freedom is not and never has been free. Someone always has to pay the price. Sometimes that price includes dying. Sacrificing so that others might live free and enjoy all it’s benefits. Others have done it before us and still others will be called upon to do it again.

That’s My opinion and you’re welcome to it.

Have a Nice day!


2 responses to “– Have You Ever Heard? –

  1. It’s easy to point fingers and blame. Parents aren’t taking an active roll in the education of their kids because the odds are pretty good those parents are working two jobs each to support those same children. It’s easy to find time to talk about history when you’re walking side by side with your kid 30 miles a day. It’s not so easy when they’re in “School” and you’re working 50-60 hours a week, trying to find time at home for cleaning and cooking as well.

    You could blame TV too. The last thing a parent should do after spending 10-12 hours a day stretching their mental capacities to the limit is to relax and not think for awhile. God forbid the ones who bred the kids in the first place might want to spend time alone either. Once you pop some kids out making up for the government infesting every waking breath is all you should be doing.

    Actually, that’s a great place to put some blame too. Why not target the people who have to come up with broad guidelines for 307 million people to live by, and then field all the complaints from those that didn’t find the rules workable? Because of the government, teaching isn’t politically correct right now.

    You can’t teach anything that has a remote connection to the bible, whether it is a good idea or not. You can’t teach advanced concepts to someone who shows promise at a young age, because this might embarrass the rest of the class. You can’t correct an error because this might burst an ego.

    I do think you’re right in that America, and all developed countries really, need to go back to the basics. I just don’t think picking a victim and saying, “This must be it!” is a great idea.

    • I’m sorry if all you thought I was trying to do was place blame. I was trying, more so, to bring awareness to an ever increasing problem.

      We, all of us, due to the hardship of everyday life and finances being so restricted do to the economic situation facing us, cannot always be as attentive to our children as we might like to be. And, yes, we deserve a little mindless downtime in front of the TV or quality time with our spouses or significant others. It goes without question. I have three daughters of my own. Grown now but that wasn’t always the case. I went through the process as well.

      All I am saying is that there are important lessons and general information that we have to impart to our kids. Things that they are no longer getting in the classroom that are no less important today than they were 50 to 100 years ago. Like it or not, the responsibility for the teaching of those thing has fallen on our shoulders and we have to pick up the ball and run with it. In teaching them, we, who do not now know those answers, learn as well.

      I hope this clarifies my position a little better and, I truly thank you for taking the time to comment. It is very important to know you are listening. Much more so than to know you agree.

      Sincerely, Ed B. aka wordwon

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