– Memory Meltdown –

I was walking through my mind one evening and realized I must be having some kind of crisis or something very much like a crisis. I was thinking back on some of my most recent dreams and realized I have been dreaming about murder and mayhem. Not just dreaming about it but actually committing murder and mayhem.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that this is not possible. I’m just not wired that way at all. That being said, where are all of these strange thoughts coming from then?

Last night, for example, I was stalking people, with my father at my side. A man who I did not even recognize to be my father, by-the-way, and we were both dressed like Indians in buckskin pants and shirts. What makes it even more strange is we were in modern day America not back in the days of the settlers or the great range wars.

We would indiscriminately kill people and move on to the next. No apparent rhyme or reason to it all. I think the Indian get up was a product of a TV series I saw just recently, The Closer, where the serial killer dressed up like a Ninja. That might explain one nights dreams but what about the other three nights?

I was a killer in all of my dreams for three nights running and, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. This morning, I think I just might have a handle on it.

I suffer from a form of depression, plus, I like to write and therefore have an unusual imagination. While taking my morning pills for heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, etal, I noticed my anti-depressant was missing from the mix. Apparently I had forgotten to put it into my little pill box and hadn’t taken it for the passed few days. Now I know why my doctor told me never to go without that pill, ever!!

I think that, perhaps, I should start watching comedies again instead of Law and Order (all three series), Raising the Bar, Bones and the other dramas that feed my dream time imagination.

Of course, it won’t help my sleep pattern if I wake out of a sound sleep and start doing a stand-up routine either. Breaking into uncontrollable laughter wouldn’t be good either.  All I can hope for is a happy medium and for the meds to kick in quickly.

You need not nail your windows shut or hire extra security on my account. I’ll stay home nights and behave myself, I promise, no more murderous thoughts. But, if you hear uncontrollable laughter in your front yard, that just might be me.

Have a nice day!


One response to “– Memory Meltdown –

  1. Maybe you should watch a few episodes of Murder She Wrote…murders solved by everyone’s favorite Aunt Jessica Fletcher? That may mediate the problem. She makes murderous scenarios seem innocuous and intriguing. just kidding….take your medication!

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