– Little Furry Aliens aka The Indoor Cat –

I have two large couches in my living room one of which I like to think of as my own. My large Norwegian Forest Cat, Smokey, disagrees. The couch is large enough for us both if she stays at one end and I at the other. This seldom happens. The thing that really gets me though is she will be sitting right in front of the couch, on the floor, right where she will end up laying. All she has to do is jump up and lay down. Too easy, right. She walks to the far end of the coffee table and jumps up. Then she walks the full length to where my feet are perched, climbs across my legs and down on the couch where she started. She does this every time. Why?

Cats have ears like radar dishes. They swivel at the base and lock on to any sound within range. Plus, they move independently. How sweet is that. We all could have used ears like that in our teens, couldn’t we? That way we could have payed attention to the teachers and our friends at the same time. Would have cut down on those pesky detention hours at the library, huh?

When you listen to any program about UFO’s, the narrator will more often than not mention how impossible the turns are at the speeds these crafts are traveling. If  humans were inside during these turns, the g-forces at those speeds would be enough to kill them instantly. Well, have you ever watched a cat when it suffers from a slight touch of the crazies. They run around the house, up and down hallways, bouncing off walls and furniture with this crazed look on their face and their ears pulled back flat against their heads (makes them more aerodynamic, no doubt). Then they stop, hanging precariously off the side of an arm chair or something and stare at you with glazed over eyes that look wild and questioning. As if they’re saying, “Why the hell did I do that?” Not to mention that they acheived all of the starts, stops and right angle, high speed turns without the aid of a G-suit. They have to be aliens.

I walked into the kitchen one day and there was Smokey sitting and staring at the refrigerator like she was watching a full length feature film. I sat at the dining room table to finish some paperwork I was working on. Some thirty minutes later, Smokey was still sitting and staring at the refrigerator. Must have been a double feature. Or, is there something cats can see that we humans can’t? Are they communicating with a power we are not privvy to?

Have you ever noticed how cats hate to follow but love to lead, even if they don’t know where you’re going? They will run in front of you and then stop every few feet to look back and see if you’re still going their way. And, of course, every time they stop, you almost trip over them. It would be so much easier if they would just learn to follow.

Both of my cats must have very busy schedules. I say this because every so often they will wake out of a sound sleep, dart across the room, sit down and lick their back leg or something like they were late for an appointment. Then lay back down and resume sleeping. Very strange behavior. I’ve only seen humans act like that when they were under the influence of something slightly stronger than aspirin. Ahem.

I was laying on my bed one day playing with my two year old feral Calico cat when I realized she couldn’t see my arm. I mean she could see it all right but at that particular moment, it didn’t exist, for her. It was as if my hand was detached from my body and completely foreign to her. She would chase it as I rubbed it across the bedspread back and forth and under the pillows. She would attack my finger tips as they protruded from under the pillow case and get all excited when they would disappear again. Then, when playtime was over, that same hand would come out from under the pillow and pet her or scratch her head and it was like that creature she had been chasing just a second or two ago never even existed.

Have you ever noticed that when a cat screws up like falling off of something, they will smell the first thing their nose gets close to  and try to look aloof or disinterested or give you that, “I planned that.” look? We know better, don’t we?

Cats, be they from outer space or right here on planet earth, they are a great  form of entertainment. If I didn’t have cable, I could always watch my cats or, stare at the refrigerator with Smokey. I wonder if her movies come with sub-titles?


One response to “– Little Furry Aliens aka The Indoor Cat –

  1. post a picture of Smokey if you get the chance — I’m not that familiar with the breed but they sound wonderful

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