– A Little Truth Is Good For The Soul –

Dear Everyone,

We each like to think that when we leave this earth, whether we are planning to go to Heaven with God, to Hell with the Devil or whether we are just going to be worm food and nothing more, most of us would like to think we made a difference some how and in some small way.

A legacy would be nice if we are capable of leaving it. If we are not, we must find something else to hang our hats on. In my case, it’s my children. They, to a great extent, are my legacy. They are my pride and my greatest joy. The keys to my kingdom lay in the beat of their hearts, the love in their souls and the joy that they bring not only to me but to all they encounter.

As a father, I was mediocre at best, down right miserable at worst but, my girls don’t hold that against me. They have seen the worst in me and said, “Dad, we love you. We care deeply about you. We worry about you.” If this was simply lip service, I would know. It is not and I know I don’t deserve this kind of love but I feel truly blessed to have it and thank God every waking day that it is mine.

I know it is real because I have nothing to give in return except love itself. I have no money. I have nothing of value to pass on to my children except me and my memories. I have little in the way of accomplishments for them to look upon with pride. I am a man like so many others who have done their bit annonymously and passed through this life, for the most part, unnoticed.

Don’t get me wrong, my life for me was full. I can’t think of any time, even the bad, that I can’t reflect upon with some degree of pride. Not all were my greatest moments and some, if I could, I would surely revise. We seldom get do-overs in this life. We should never expect them but we should cherish those that we receive. They are true gifts.

Whether you are a man, a woman, a child growing to adulthood or a grandparent reflecting on a less than glorious past, you have blessings that you should recognize and thank God for. No one but you could have lived your life quite the way you did. No one but you could have impacted the people around you quite the way you did. Whether you were the worst person on earth or the best, you have to see the best in you for others to do the same. You have to set your own example, face what ever music comes your way and continue on. Life is short, life is hard and no one ever said it was supposed to be easy.

Have a nice day!


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