– A Short Memory Of Love Past –

In the stillness of night, waves lap gently on a distant shore while moonlight filters through sheer fabric mixed with exotic breezes to land lazily on the bared skin of two lovers lost in each others caress. A long, lingering kiss, a gentle touch of the hand to brush her hair aside revealing the smooth outline of her beautiful face accented by the silver light of the summer moon. The aroma of sweet Jasmine and the oceans breeze make the setting complete and irresistible. The meeting of the eyes, the wordless expression of love, the feeling of being one then sleep, only to wake the next morn in each others arms. How perfect it was. How perfect it could have been.

The memory of that night would almost be perfect today but for one thing. It never happened. Well, not quite that way. But, that’s the way I prefer to remember it. It was an extraordinary night so very long ago but not quite that perfect but, like I said, that’s the way I prefer to remember it. I hope you enjoy your memories as well.

Have a nice day!


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