– Cats Are For Entertainment Only –

As if an alarm went off, Patches will pop up out of a sound sleep, dash across the room only to sit down and lick her paw. Was this a set appointment that she was late for? I don’t know but I’d like to.

I have two cats that vary in all respects. Smokey, a very mellow Norwegian Forest Cat and the oldest at 12, could care less about schedules or anything else except for food, water and a clean cat box. Patches, my two year old feral Calico is the curious, energetic and mischievous one. Smokey doesn’t have the energy to be mischievous anymore. She just watches in amazement, along with me.

Being a cat lover forever, I understand and respect their independence. They will show their affection toward those they deem worthy or, to the one person in the room who they know really can’t stand cats. Depends on their mood. They seem to get some sort of pleasure from tormenting them. I must admit, I enjoy their discomfort as well.

Patches learns by doing. She can close doors, push things off tables (on purpose, I’ve watched her), when I don’t feed her on her schedule she will get on top of one of the bookcases and pull books out one at a time and watch them fall until I relent and feed her. She will practice opening cabinet doors for hours and drawers, as well, if they’re not too full.

She’s not destructive in the true sense of the word but sometimes things happen, you know. It’s then that loving cats really comes in handy. But, don’t get me wrong, I like dogs too. I’ve had my share over the years and loved them all. The difference between the two, in my opinion, is their care level. Dogs are too much like kids. They can’t be left alone for more than a work day, if that. They have to be taken for walks, cleaned up after and generally pampered like children. You either have to take them with you when you go for any extended period of time or get them a baby sitter. There’s no such thing as down time from a dog for a spur of the moment, overnight outing, much like a baby or small child.

Cats, however, can be left to fend for themselves for days with a little help from us. Leave them a couple of clean cat boxes, a large bowl of dry food and a couple of bowls of fresh water and you’re good to go on that long week-end. When you get back, your cats will love you just as if you were never gone at all. They slept through the whole thing, trust me.

I’ve had three kids, four dogs and seven cats. I know the differences and their similarities. Take it from me, I love my kids, I remember each of my dogs but my cats, good company, very quiet, entertaining and affectionate when I need it most. They seem to know.

That’s MY opinion and you’re welcome to it.

Have a nice day! Pet your kitty.


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