– The Monster In Us All –

Have you met your personal monster yet? That monster that hides within us all just waiting for the right moment to spring from the inner recesses of our minds right into the full light of day for all to see. It’s a terrifying thought and, yes, if it hasn’t happened to you yet, which I find hard to believe, it most certainly will.

This monster to which I refer is obsession in its’ many and varied forms. Some obsessions are quite destructive in nature especially when they directly affect another person or group of people in a negative, dangerous or deadly manner. This is not the obsessive behavior to which I refer.

The one I am referring to is this blogging thing. Ever since my oldest daughter steered me in this direction about a week or so ago, I have been increasingly drawn to this web site multiple times a day. Sometimes to see if anyone is listening but mostly to comment on the latest hiccup in my life. As if anyone really cares.

I am the type of person whose voice gets lost in a crowd, if you know what I mean. I may be involved in the conversation but still not be listened to. For all those present, I feel as though they are missing out on some real important dialogue, mine! But, alas, I get drowned out by someone who I feel is less informed but louder than I and in all good conscience, I cannot raise my voice to an earsplitting level just to be heard.

I,therefore, prefer the written word. You can revise, edit and print it. No one can out shout you for attention or interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. You have the floor as long as you can hold the interest of the reader. This is my aim and, so far, well, it’s bound to get better, right?

This is my obsession for now, my personal monster. I learned to type in seventh grade and haven’t stopped since. Ever since I was directed to this blog site, I have become ever more obsessed by it. I hope I don’t wear out my welcome but until I do, I will be placing other things on the back burner, like work and laundry, in order to share my random but I hope coherent thoughts with you all.

Have you met your monster yet?

See you in your blog and have fun.

That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it.



3 responses to “– The Monster In Us All –

  1. Oh yes, I have found a new monster. It used to be perennial flower
    gardening – now it is blogging. All one in the same, I suppose. Once you
    plant the seed……well, you know what happens!

  2. notesalongthepath

    Yes, this writing for public view is addictive, isn’t it? A place to say what’s important to us. Personally, I think we’re all part of a great, big social experiment and what is important in our culture is being tallied up by someone. I can’t wait to see the results, myself. Have fun!

  3. Original Articles

    Thank you for commenting on my recent post 8-).

    I have to say I’m kind of addicted to it as well – I have found that writing articles on my blog has a nice “flow” to it – if that makes any sense.

    Many thanks again – I appreciate it.

    Georg from the “Original Articles” blog

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